According to LGBT activists, the city of Moscow has for the first time given official approval for plans to hold a gay Pride event.

“We welcome the historic decision by the city authorities,” said Nikolai Alekseev, organiser of Moscow Pride. He revealed that the authorities had requested that participants be limited to 500 people, which he had agreed to.

The European Court of Human Rights previously slammed Moscow authorities for repeatedly denying activists the right to hold gay Pride marches since 2006.

The court earlier this month also rejected an appeal by Russia against the ruling that the ban contravened the European Human Rights Convention.

The planned Pride rally is themed “Moscow Gay Pride: Homosexuality in the History of World Culture and Civilization” and is set to take place on May 28 between 1 and 3 pm on Bolotnaya Square in central Moscow.

“The aim of the event will [be to] provide the public with objective information about the history of homosexuality in relation to culture and science, the contribution of famous gay people in culture and art, as well as the role of well-known figures of culture and art to protect the rights of LGBT people,” said Alekseev.

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