An American high school pupil was asked to leave his class and was sent home after he wore high heels to school, reports Fox News in Tampa Bay.

The un-named boy was asked to go to Riverview High School principal Bob Heilmann’s office by a teacher because the boy’s shoes “were disrupting the classroom”.

“He likes the way they make him feel. They make him feel more confident, and he just likes to wear them,” a friend of the pupil said.

Heilmann, who said that there was some name-calling in the class over the issues, asked him to remove the shoes but said he did so out of concern for the boy.

“As a principal of a high school, I have to take the paternal side and make sure he’s going to be okay,” said Heilmann.

He added that he would have allowed the boy to wear the heels if they had not become a disruption for the students.

The boy was not disciplined for wearing the shoes.

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