James Middleton at Friday’s royal wedding

There has been a spike in searches on Google asking if Kate Middleton’s brother is gay, following his bible reading at the royal wedding, reports Pink News.

When googling the words “James Middleton”, the search engine automatically suggests “James Middleton gay”, indicating that this is the term that most people have recently used when searching with his name.

During Friday’s wedding between Prince William and Kate – now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – in Westminster Abbey, twenty three year old James recited the lesson by St. Paul to the Romans from the bible.

According to Pink News “as soon as he began to speak, hundreds of people asked on Twitter and other social media networks if he is gay”, adding that “there is no evidence to suggest that he is”.

Pictures have appeared on the internet showing James in drag – in one of Pippa’s dresses and another in a French maid’s uniform. Another photo shows him apparently naked except for a well-placed beer bottle.

According to Vanity Fair, James “has never had a long-term relationship with any of the society beauties he is often seen out with”, with a chum telling the magazine that at university “he was more interesting in drinking and going shooting than girls”.

James, who dropped out of Edinburgh University four years ago, owns and runs his own bakery business – Cake Kit Company. He lives with his other sister Pippa, another female housemate, and his black cocker spaniel puppy.

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