The Democratic Alliance (DA) Youth says that it supports the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which was marked around the world today.

In a statement, it announced that “as a political youth organisation firmly committed to upholding the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and human rights in general, we add our voice to the chorus of condemnation against all forms of prejudice, discrimination and violence targeting LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people and LGBT youth in particular”.

The organisation also expressed its sympathy for victims of hate crimes and their families, especially recent young victims such as the murdered 24 year old lesbian activist Noxolo Nogwaza, a 14 year old transgender rape survivor, and Nqobile Khumalo, who was also raped and brutally murdered.

“The DA Youth unequivocally condemns these hateful crimes and the prejudiced motives behind them in the strongest terms. They are an affront to the constitutional values of freedom, equality and human dignity which we all hold dear, and an outrage to progressive South Africans who recognise that LGBT rights are human rights,” said the organisation.

The DA Youth called on relevant state bodies and service providers to urgently address these issues. “A homophobic and hateful South Africa is not the society we wish to build as youth and we commit to ensuring the realisation of a society for all which values diversity, promotes tolerance and upholds freedom and equality for all citizens, including LGBT people.”

The DA Youth follows in the footsteps of the ANC Women’s League, which also recently condemned hate crimes against LGBT people.

The DA has positioned itself as a gay-friendly party, regularly slamming the government for not defending LGBT rights in its actions internationally and at the UN. The DA was also the first South African political party to boast an openly gay MP.

An anti-gay Facebook comment by a DA candidate in the local elections recently caused the party embarrassment when it came to light.

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