Gaga at the offices of Metro International in London on Monday.

Pop superstar and LGBT activist Lady Gaga is acting editor in chief for all editions of the worldwide free daily newspaper METRO on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

Ahead of the release of her new album Born This Way on May 23rd, the diva will be commenting on global issues on May 17th, in a renewed expression of her commitment to human rights.

“In this issue, I nominated Monster ambassadors to represent each Metro country from around the world. I asked them to research, write about and identify which issues pertaining to equality and social justice affect their region the most,” said Gaga in an editorial letter.

Says Maggie Samways, executive vice president and global editor-in-chief of Metro. “Lady Gaga is an extraordinary force, and we’re both excited to explore the issues of equality and human rights affecting our readers and Gaga fans. I’m confident that the edition will reflect her personality: creative, inspiring — and surprising!”

“Be a leader, be someone that is kind, audacious and helps to push the boundaries of love. Be a friend to someone that is bullied,” wrote Gaga in Metro.

“What I want to focus on is telling the people that aren’t bullied that they should take it upon themselves to be a part of this force of love. That was something that really bothered me. I thought to myself, ‘If you are not bullied, why wouldn’t you help someone that is?’”

Metro is published in over 100 cities, in 19 countries, on four continents and is read by over 17 million people every day.

The IDAHO Committee team said that it is excited “to see such a high level artist joining the thousands of activists in 50 plus countries who will be holding events on this day, from Indonesia to Nepal and Uganda to Lebanon”.

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