President Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s president has personally intervened to remove material combating homophobia from the country’s school sex education programme.

According to BBC News, the material, which was set to be rolled out across Brazilian schools, includes films containing scenes with gay and lesbian couples

These “anti-homophobia kits” have been accused by conservative and religious politicians of ‘promoting’ homosexual behaviour.

‘Not suitable for young people’

A spokesperson said that President Dilma Rousseff had seen the material and “didn’t like what she saw”.

She then suspended the campaign, apparently because she believes that it does not offer an “objective” perspective of homosexuality and is not suitable for young people.

LGBT rights campaigners have reacted with outrage, questioning Rousseff’s commitment to human rights.

“I voted for her in the last elections because I thought she would defend the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual citizens,” Congressman and gay rights activist Jean Wyllys told BBC News.

“If she doesn’t do a U-turn and change her mind, I will urge all gay people not to vote for her again.”

Earlier this month, Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court legalised the recognition of same-sex partnerships in the predominantly catholic country.

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