Vanessa Williams

Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams has expressed her support for same-sex marriage as part of a campaign for marriage equality in the state of New York.

Williams, an actress, Grammy Award winning singer and native New Yorker, released a short video for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to support its ‘New Yorkers for Marriage Equality Campaign’.

In the video, Williams proudly states “I’m a New Yorker for Marriage Equality.” She goes on to say: “Already five states, plus Washington DC, have marriage equality. It’s time for New York to lead again. Please join us.”

The video can be viewed at

“Vanessa Williams has been breaking down barriers for most of her life,” said HRC’s Senior Strategist for New York, Brian Ellner. “We’re grateful that she’s speaking out for our campaign, especially now that we’re so close to a vote in the legislature.”

Williams was the first African-American to win the title of Miss America, having competed in the pageant as Miss New York.

She has been nominated for Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Awards, winning the latter for her song, Colors of the Wind. She currently stars as Renée Perry on Desperate Housewives.

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