Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigations is reported to be investigating “the growing rate of homosexuality” in parts of the country. reports that Western Regional Minister Paul Evans Aidoo confirmed that the government was concerned about this “social canker” which he said has contributed to the growing rate of HIV/AIDS in the country.

“The growing rate of homosexuals in the country has resulted in the tripling of sexually transmitted diseases especially HIV and AIDS,” said the website.

‘The dangers of homosexuality in the country’

It referenced a recent voluntary counselling and testing workshop hosted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in which “about eight thousand homosexuals were registered by non-governmental organisations… with majority of them infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS”.

While HIV groups insist that homophobia and stigmatisation of sexual minorities results in higher infection rates due to the fear of coming forward for testing, education and treatment, Aidoo appears to instead believe that it is homosexuality itself that is the cause. also reported that the minister said that homosexuals must be identified to control the spread of HIV and that he “stressed the need for more education on the dangers of homosexuality in the country”.

Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana.

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