The US army has launched a website to provide service members and their families information about the pending repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) ban on gay personnel.

The website features news articles, key facts, frequently asked questions and additional resources. The army said that it is just one of the training resources it has implemented to educate the force and minimise misconceptions about the repeal.

“It’s a way for the army to provide the latest and greatest information about the repeal to soldiers, family members and the public,” said Lt. Col Timothy M. Beninato.

“I can attest the process works…”

DADT will only be repealed once the president, secretary of defence and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff agree that the repeal will not affect “military readiness and effectiveness, unit cohesion, and military recruiting and retention”.

To ensure the transition is as seamless as possible, the army has undertaken a three-tier training programme across the organisation.

Tier one targets special staff and key individuals like chaplains, lawyers, and inspectors general. Tier two focuses on commanders and supervisors. Finally, tier three focuses on the rest of the force.

In April, Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli told members of the House Armed Services Committee that the training was proving to be effective.

“I can attest the process works,” he said.

In the wake of news that an airman was fired from the air force under DADT in April, LGBT rights group urged the US government and military to speed up the recall of the law.

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