Lady Gaga at Europride in Rome on Saturday.

Lady Gaga, wearing a Versace dress and a green wig, performed two songs at Saturday’s Europride in Rome. She also spoke out for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in the world, in a speech broadcast by Italian television.

Asserting her Italian heritage, Gaga proudly told the crowd that her real name is “Stefania Giovanna Angelina Germanotta”.

“As I have become closer to each and every one of you through music, dance and fashion, the celebration of our individuality, it has become clear to me that my greater mission is to be part of the joyous mobilisation of the LGBT community worldwide,” said Gaga.

“Today and every day we fight for freedom. We fight for justice. We beckon for compassion, understanding and above all we want full equality,” she said, shouting out, “Now!”

“This is not just about a party, it is not just a peaceful demonstration. It is a spirit of a basic human right. We are here today to defend love,” Gaga said, while watched by hundreds of thousands at the historic Circus Maximus.

In the speech she denounced the Middle East, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Hungary for their lack of LGBT rights.

“We’re all from the same DNA. We were just born this way,” she announced.

“I stand here as a woman of the world and I ask governments, with you, worldwide to facilitate our dream of equality. Let us be revolutionaries of love and use our very strong human powers to save lives and encourage unity around the world.”

The speech and concert followed a Pride parade through the city centre earlier in the day.

Watch part of Gaga’s speech below.

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