A Brazilian judge has legalised the county’s first same-sex marriage after he ruled that a gay couple could convert their civil union into a full marriage.

Sao Paulo State Judge Fernando Henrique Pinto said that his ruling was in line with the May legalisation of same-sex partnerships by the Federal Supreme Court and the country’s constitution.

The Supreme Court did not rule on full marriage but only on allowing same-sex couples to enter into civil unions.

However, under Brazil’s constitution a civil union – which is now open to couples regardless of sexuality – can be converted into a marriage.

It remains unclear if Judge Pinto’s decision will be seen as setting a national precedent by other courts across the country.

The now-married couple, identified as Kauffman Sousa and Luiz Andre Moresi by the G1 website, said that they were ecstatic at the news.

“It’s an immense joy. I’m still trying to comprehend this historic moment. I dedicate this victory to all the activists,” Moresi told the site.

Argentina is the only other South American country to have legalised same-sex unions.

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