Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has described gays and
lesbians as “worse than dogs and pigs”. (Pic: Jeremy Lock)

A Zimbabwe news site reports that police are investigating an ‘invasion’ of a popular Harare music venue by 40 gays and lesbians.

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The site said that a local newspaper “had it on good authority that the sexual deviants arrived at the joint aboard two buses… to watch Pfumojena’s performance which they had booked in advance”.

The venue’s manager, Ian White, told the news site that he did not know that the patrons were gay before they arrived for the show.

“We were just as surprised as everyone else upon realisation that some of the people we had allowed to come for the show were gay, but there was nothing we could do about it,” he said.

Gay sex and members of the same sex holding hands, hugging or kissing are illegal

An un-named staff member was quoted as saying: “Most of us just left the place. We could not take it, it was just horrible and nauseating, in fact, one of our colleagues vomited when he saw a gay couple kiss.”

Criminal Investigation Department spokesperson Inspector Zimbili told Bulawayo24 News that police were going to institute a full investigation.

“The law is very clear on that matter; if there was a gay parade or festival at that mall, we are going to carry a full investigation.

“According to law gay festivals or parades are not allowed as stated in the Codification and Reform Act; what they did is considered as sodomy and as police all parties who were involved will be dealt with,” said Zimbili.

Gay sex – along with members of the same sex holding hands, hugging or kissing – is illegal in Zimbabwe with penalties of up to three years in jail. LGBT people and activists are routinely harassed by officials and police.

Notoriously homophobic Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has long railed against gays and lesbians, often describing them as being worse than dogs and pigs.

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