Russell T. Davies

Russell T. Davies, the creator of the much-loved Queer As Folk series, is working on a new television series about gay men, titled Cucumber.

Davies (48) is developing the project for America’s Showtime cable network, the same network that broadcast the US version of Queer As Folk.

“There are plenty of development projects at the network, of course, but when one is from the creator of one of Showtime’s most successful original series (based on Davies’ UK version), it’s a good bet it’s getting a hard look,” commented Deadline Hollywood.

Cucumber is believed to focus on older middle-aged gay men instead of the younger group of characters depicted in Queer As Folk.

Cucumber was conceived as far back as 2006 and was originally called MGM (More Gay Men).

Since Queer As Folk, Davies has kept himself busy with science fiction series; the re-invention of the Doctor Who franchise and creating the gay-friendly Torchwood series.

Davies wrote and produced Queer as Folk and Queer as Folk 2, which were screened in the UK in 1999 and 2000. The hit American version, based on Davies’ concept, but with new stories and actors, was broadcast from December 2000 to August 2005 across five seasons.

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