Joburg Pride has given its official support for the gay flag of South Africa (GFSA), which will feature at this year’s event on the 1st of October.

According to Eugene Brockman, who together with Henry Bantjez created the flag, “Joburg pride will be a sea of little gay flags of South Africa.”

“It will mean that the design will finally be a flying across all provinces of South Africa’s national pink community, uniting us all,” said Brockman.

Joburg Pride will use the GFA design on merchandising and all profits from its sale will go directly to Pride.

“It’s no secret that gay and lesbian communities throughout the world are known for their flair, with massive creative contribution to everything from food, fashion, media and design to film, music, politics and sport,” said Tanya Harford, chairperson of Joburg Pride.

“The recent GFSA initiative only reinforces this and we welcome the extra energy they’ve injected into the largest gay and lesbian event on the African continent.”

The flag was launched at the Mother City Queer Project party in December last year and, despite some initial scepticism and debate about its merit, has gained momentum in the past six months.

It was adopted by a few clubs in De Waterkant, Cape Town’s gay village, then Cape Town Pride, followed by events along the Garden Route up to Port Elizabeth. It was also flown at the recent London Pride parade.

“Our spokesperson Ms. Lola Fine will take the Gay Flag of South Africa to Durban Pride next week. We will then tour to Nelson Mandela Bay Pride, culminating in Joburg Pride as the final piece of the puzzle,” said Brockman.

The GFSA initiate has actively backed the Luleki Sizwe corrective rape group in the Western Cape, including supporting its ground-breaking discussions with government on combating hate crimes.

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