A Ugandan man in Scotland, who was convicted of raping a woman in June last year, is fighting his deportation by insisting that he is gay, reports the Daily Record.

John Ssewagudde (21) is accused of cynically attempting to manipulate UK asylum laws by claiming that he faces persecution and possible death if he is returned to Uganda because of his sexuality.

Ssewagudde was sentenced to four years in prison in January for raping the 28-year-old woman in her Glasgow flat after he admitted to the deed on Facebook, writing: “I admit it. I raped you.”

Ssewagudde, whose visa had expired at the time, claimed that the sex between him and the woman was consensual, that she made him coffee in the morning and even sent him explicit texts.

A source told the newspaper that the former charity worker “is not gay. He is a chancer who is trying to exploit the situation in his homeland.

“Given that he is a convicted rapist of a woman, there is a clue to his sexuality.”

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