Cape Town Pride earlier this year (Pic: David Lee)

A poll of over 1700 South Africans has found that an overwhelming number of people believe that Cape Town is the country’s most gay-friendly city.

In the survey on Gotravel24, a whopping 75% of the respondents said that Cape Town is the city that should “win the pink prize for gay hospitality”.

Johannesburg came in second with eight percent of the votes, followed by Durban and Pretoria, each with seven percent. Port Elizabeth scored just two percent of the votes.

The comments on the site, however, showed strongly divergent views on the matter.

Jesse insisted that Gauteng should take the crown, especially because in Johannesburg “gay people have been accepted to such a degree that gay people do not feel compelled to go to ‘gay clubs’ and would hang out in ‘straight’ clubs with their friends”.

Another commentator noted that “Pretoria has produced the latest Mr. Gay World” and it was also pointed out that Johannesburg would have the most gay people because it has the largest population.

While Cape Town was often cited as being “snobbish and “clicky”, Christo from CT lauded the mother city for being “far more liberal and accepting and that is a fact! As a gay person that is what matters to me the most, to be accepted as a person”.

The poll came about after Siphokazi Nombande, one of the organisers of last week’s Durban Pride, was widely quoted in the media as saying that Durban is the “gayest” city in South Africa.

What do you think? Is Cape Town really the gay capital of South Africa?

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