Manchester Pride

Manchester Pride, set to take place in less than two weeks, has confirmed that it will go ahead despite the riots that have shaken the city this week.

The riots, which have caused damage to many of the bars and cafes in and around the Gay Village, began around 5pm yesterday at the Salford Precinct and slowly made their way into Manchester.

“Last night saw the worst attack on Manchester in almost thirty years; and, what was worse is that our wonderful city was attacked by its own citizens,” said festival director Jackie Crozier on Wednesday.

“For those who may have wondered, Manchester Pride will be going ahead and our Gay Village is still open for business as usual.

“Standing tall against these criminals, walking down our own streets and using our regular shops, bars and cafes is the only way in which we can all overcome what has happened overnight in both central and Greater Manchester,” Crozier said.

Manchester Pride, first celebrated twenty-one years ago, is one of the longest running Pride events in the UK and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the city’s Gay Village, which centres around Canal Street.

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