Lady Gaga’s new video for the country-influenced single Yoü And I features a scene in which the singer kisses her male persona.

The video was shot in Nebraska and has generally been welcomed as a visual return to form for the singer.

In the song, Gaga refers to a “cool Nebraska guy”, rumoured to Nebraskan-born drummer Luc Carl, whom she has been romantically involved with.

“Beware of strange oddities,” Gaga tweeted before debuting the video online.

“The more he tries to fix me, the more magical I become,” she said.

The video shows Gaga as various personas, such as a mermaid, and in various scenarios, including a torture scene. In one sequence she is seen playing the piano in a cornfield while a man sits on top of it looking down at her.

The man, “named” Jo Calderone, is actually the star herself in drag. At one point, the male character reaches down and kisses the female Gaga.

The performer has previously featured the Calderone persona in a magazine photo shoot and he also appears on the cover of the latest single.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of Yoü And I.

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