A Kenyan LGBTI group has questioned claims that a gay activist was recently murdered in Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya.

According to a report by The Truth Weekly, Charles Omondi Racho was allegedly murdered last month by a gang of young men because of his sexual orientation.

His cousin was also said to have been threatened by the gang but ran away before they killed Racho.

The report said that another activist, Adams Lenox from the Kisumu Initiative for Positive Empowerment (KIPE), had confirmed the details of the murder.

However, following an investigation by the Nyawek LGBTI Coalition in Kisumu, the story now appears to be bogus.

Nyawek said in a statement that KIPE has denied having a staff member named Adams Lenox or knowing of anyone named Charles Omondi Racho.

The police appear to have no record of the murder. “No incident of a man killed because of his orientation in the last three months has been reported or booked in their records. Hence making the credibility of this story questionable,” said Nyawek.

Members of the local LGBTI community, described as being a small one, are also ignorant of the alleged attack or of the victims’ identities.

Nyawek said that incident appeared to be a hoax intended to “create fear within the LGBTI community in western Kenya”.

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