An official investigation into the alleged beating of a Saudi prince by police at a Cape Town gay nightclub is underway.

On Friday 16 September police allegedly used excessive force when they demanded that Navigaytion in Green Point close its doors for the night.

One of the patrons, an un-named Saudi prince, was allegedly beaten at the venue. He was then arrested and assaulted a second time on the way to the police station, where he was once again reportedly beaten.

It’s claimed that following the man’s release after paying a fine, the police station could not produce any record of the arrest or the fine.

According to Navigaytion manager Ari Nitzan, a case has now been opened against the policeman and that particular task force that were allegedly responsible for the beatings.

Nitzan said that “two very efficient police officers from internal investigation have been appointed to this case and they endeavour to get to the bottom of this and guarantee us that justice will be served”.

A case has also been opened with the Independent Complaints Directorate.

“It’s amazing to see that when ‘injustice’ has been done, irrespective of the offence, how we as a community come together to form unity and stand in what we believe in, to fight against misconduct especially in our police force,” said Nitzan.

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