Zimbabwe police have been accused of dragging their feet in investigating an attack on a lesbian woman in the town of Chitungwiza, near Harare.

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) said on Monday that the woman, a member of the organisation who was out with a friend, was the victim of a “targeted hate crime” by a man it believes is a staff member at a local hospital.

According to GALZ, “the man teamed up with a colleague and started insulting the two GALZ members who were out at a local pub.

“The men punched the member in the stomach and pushed her to the floor and proceeded to kick and punch her. One of the men broke a bottle of beer on the member’s head leading to her sustaining serious injuries.”

The woman was hospitalised at the Chitungwiza General Hospital for her injuries and later contacted GALZ.

Armed with a medical report from the hospital, the victim opened a case against the men. GALZ, however, accused the police of failing dragging their feet in apprehending the men.

“The attack on the member comes after continued reports of harassment and threats towards Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender people in the area by known individuals,” said GALZ.

“The same man is also said to have physically assaulted two gay men who reside in the same suburb and is now making new threats to the lesbian couple again. Meanwhile we have provided all reports related to the case to the human rights lawyers and continue to monitor the situation and provide support to the member.”

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