Jamey Rodemeyer

A student who taunted Jamey Rodemeyer’s sister that her brother, who recently committed suicide after he was bullied, was better off dead has been suspended.

Fourteen-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer from Buffalo, New York, who was questioning his sexuality, killed himself last month after being bullied online and in person for being gay.

According to CBS, Alyssa Rodemeyer was attending a school dance when Jamey’s favourite Lady Gaga song started playing. She and his friends started to chant his name.

A group of student then responded: “The bullies just started yelling back that they were glad he was dead and that they were so happy he killed himself,” Alyssa said.

Tracy Rodemeyer, Jamey’s mother, told CBS: “You just don’t understand how kids at this young age can be so heartless.”

The school is investigating the incident and one student has been suspended.

The Williamsville Central School District superintendent, Scott Martzloff, confirmed the suspension in a video message.

He said that student would be prosecuted “to the fullest extent allowed under education law.” He added: “We will not let the actions of any student threaten the emotional well-being of others.”

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