Locals have blamed a radical Islamic group for the bombing of a bar in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, frequented by gay men, that left 14 people injured.

In the early hours of Monday morning a man was reported to have thrown a grenade into Mwaura’s bar, some say after he was not allowed in because the still-busy venue was “closed”.

Denis Nzioka, editor of Kenya’s LGBTI and sex workers magazine, Identity, told

While the Somali militant group Al Shabab was immediately widely blamed for the attack, there has been no evidence to support this yet. It remains unclear if the attack was simply a criminal one or was related to the clientele.

Al Shabab had threatened attacks on Kenya following incursions into Somalia by Kenyan military forces.

Nzioka said that, as far as he knew, no members of the MSM community had been injured in the attack.

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