Grant Gustin plays Sebastian

The popular American musical television series Glee is set to receive a shake up with the introduction of a new gay character who will threaten Kurt and Blaine’s relationship.

Billboard reports that actor Grant Gustin will play Sebastian, described as a “villain” who will have his sights on breaking up the show’s much-loved gay couple.

“He’s a gay character, obviously, but he’s kind of a new type of gay character. He’s someone you wouldn’t necessarily know is gay unless you asked him, but he’d be the first person to tell you. He’s very confident and comfortable with who he is and what he wants,” said Gustin.

“He’s a guys-guy, just a dude who happens to be gay. He’s a lacrosse player, he’s popular. He’s after Blaine, obviously, and he’s also trying to take the place that Blaine had as the leader of the Warblers.”

Gustin added: “He’s been referred to as a villain, which I guess is true in the sense that he’s going to get what he wants and he doesn’t care who he steps on along the way, but he does so with a smile on his face.”

The drama will begin when the character debuts on the show in the US next week.

Glee broke new ground in mainstream television with its representation of the relationship between openly-gay teens Kurt and Blaine.

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