Richard Bloom and Brett Goldin

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says that it believes that Nurshad Davids, who was convicted in the attack on Brett Goldin and Richard Bloom, should be denied parole.

James Selfe, DA Spokesperson on Correctional Services, said that while the party accepts that parole boards are independent bodies, “we want to express our outrage that this application for parole was even lodged”.

He noted that the sentence handed down on Davids was inappropriately lenient, given the nature of the crime for which he was convicted.

“The brutal execution-style murder of Goldin and Bloom devastated not only his family and friends but also shocked the international theatre community, and grievously damaged South Africa’s reputation,” said Selfe.

He urged Parliament to recommend that the Drakenstein Parole Board rejects Davids’ application for parole on 16 November until he has served a more appropriate length of imprisonment.

“Granting parole to this offender at this stage will send an entirely inappropriate message. It would signify that we do not regard cold-blooded murder as an offence for which a long period of imprisonment is the only fitting punishment.”

Davids was found guilty of being part of the hijacking that led to the murder of Goldin (28), a popular actor, and clothing designer Richard Bloom (27), in April 2006 in Cape Town. The two men, who were openly gay, were shot in the head.

Davids claimed that he was not present when Goldin and Bloom were killed. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for hijacking, kidnapping and armed robbery. Two other men, Shavaan Marlie and Clinton Davids, pleaded guilty to murder and were each sentenced to 28 years in prison.

To sign a petition opposing the parole application click here.

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