Kelly Osbourne

TV fashion show host and professional celebrity Kelly Osbourne has been criticised for using offensive terms when talking about the model that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with.

Speaking to UK Glamour magazine, Osbourne (27) vented her anger against former fiancé Luke Worrall who allegedly had an affair with trans model Elle Schneider which led to their breakup.

“Having to tell them (my parents) my fiancé had cheated on me with a tranny who sold his/her story to the press (was the most uncomfortable moment). It was so humiliating,” said Osbourne.

“It’s hard enough to get your head around someone cheating on you, but when someone is a chick with a dick?”

“Up until then, I’d always thought that the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl. Don’t you think? Because at least if they cheat on you with a gorgeous girl it makes some kind of sense. But men are different, I guess, they can have emotionless sex,” she concluded.

As a long-time supporter of the LGBT community Osbourne’s comments are especially surprising.

“Seriously, ‘chick with dicks?’ This from an alleged friend of the Gays and grand marshal at the 2010 West Hollywood Pride Parade?,” commented, adding, “Someone snatch that tiara back”.

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