Kasey Landrum (Pic: ABC)

A male student at Lexington High School in Tennessee has been suspended for three days for wearing purple eye make-up.

Kasey Landrum (16), who is openly gay, was spotted wearing the make-up by his principal in a class, even though it was after school.

He said that he was shouted at by Principal Steve Lindsay who told him to get out of the school. He was suspended for violating the school’s dress code.

“It makes me feel worst than anything has ever made me feel,” Landrum told ABC’s wkrn.com.

LGBT rights groups Tennessee Equality Project and LGBTQNation intervened and, after receiving legal advice, the Principal agreed to change the school’s dress code and to allow Landrum to wear make-up.

The student said that he has since worn make-up to school during classes and will do so whenever he wants.

Landrum urged other students to stand up for their rights. “I just hope they learn that taking up for yourself is often time the best thing to do,” he said.

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