Jamarcus Bell

The mother of an American high school student who committed suicide because of anti-gay bullying is suing his school for not doing enough to prevent the harassment, reports

Jamarcus Bell (14), who was a student at Hamilton Southeastern High School in Indiana, committed suicide in October last year.

Last week, his mother, Natalie Moore, filed a suit against Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

She alleges that officials ignored racist and homophobic bulling against Jamarcus for “perceived homosexuality and emotional disability”.

He allegedly suffered “constant and ruthless harassment and bullying from other students,” including having items thrown at him and being physically assaulted on school property.

“Administrators, teachers and staff members of HSE knew or should have known of these incidents,” the lawsuit claims.

Last year, Dr. Brian Smith, Hamilton Southeastern superintendent, suggested to that the school wasn’t aware of the bullying.

“We can’t react and deal with something we don’t know about,” he said.

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