American men’s magazine GQ has apologised for a homophobic tweet in which it commented on gay singer Adam Lambert’s fashion sense.

The tweet was in connection with the annual Year in Style report in which the magazine lists the best and worst in men’s fashion over the last year.

With a link to a photo of Lambert sporting a goatee on its website, GQ tweeted: “Rules of Street Style: If you have testosterone problems, a mustache doesn’t always help.”

On the web page with the photograph, the caption read: “If you wear make-up, do not grow a mustache.”

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) slammed the magazine for the comments.

“While one can assume that the editors of GQ understand that to be gay isn’t a deficiency of anything, unfortunately, many in America aren’t in the same privileged position.

“We live in a country where millions of dollars is spent annually by parents and others trying to change gay youth to straight. This incredibly damaging practice is in part perpetuated by myths such as the one espoused in GQ’s joke about Adam Lambert. Jokes like this have no place in respectable media,” said the organisation.

Following criticism on Twitter and from GLAAD, the magazine apologised.

“Being gay is not a ‘testosterone problem’ – Apologize to @adamlambert & the gay community,” tweeted GQ.

The magazine later again expressed its regret at the tweet, saying: “Re: our Lambert tweet, we were thoughtless and apologize. We shouldn’t make stupid jokes about people’s testosterone. As always, we learn.”

The initial tweet has since been deleted from GQ’s Twitter profile and the page with Lambert’s picture and the accompanying caption also appears to have been removed.

The magazine told GLAAD that it is taking internal steps to help ensure that a similar incident does not happen again.

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