Penny Wong (far right) and her family

Australia’s openly-lesbian Finance Minister, Senator Penny Wong, and her partner Sophie Allouache have become proud parents.

It’s been announced that Allouache gave birth to a baby girl, whom the couple named Alexandra, on Sunday in Adelaide.

The baby was conceived through IVF using sperm from an un-named donor who is known to the couple.

“She’s wonderful, just wonderful. Sophie and I are delighted beyond words,” Wong (43) told News Limited.

Wong revealed that she had texted Prime Minister Julia Gillard about the birth and that Gillard had congratulated her.

“The PM’s given me a bit of leave so I’m going to take time off and hopefully we can get the important things in life like feeding and nappy changing and sleeping under control,” the senator said.

Gillard, who does not believe that same-sex marriage should be legalised, wished the couple well in August when the pregnancy was announced.

“Penny Wong is a colleague of mine, she’s also a very long-term friend, so I’m very pleased for Penny and her partner Sophie as they look forward to a new baby and the next phase of their lives,” Gillard said at the time.

“Clearly there are strong views about same-sex marriage in the community. I’ve made my views clear,” she added.

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