A meeting is being held in Cape Town on Thursday in a bid to help save this year’s troubled Cape Town Pride event.

The meeting is open to all who wish to volunteer to assist Pride organisers in putting on the festival towards the end of February.

This follows the collapse of the previous Cape Town Pride organisation when most board members apparently resigned amid claims of a significant loss having been incurred by last year’s Pride.

The event has become bogged down in accusations of incompetence on the part of the previous board and rumours that Cape Town Pride will not take place this year.

According to Dominic Kessell, one of the board members who has stayed on, the 2011 event made a loss of at least R110,000, although this figure has not been finalised.

He claims that decisions about last year’s event were made by two or three individuals without proper consultation with the rest of the board.

Kessell, along with Cape Town-based designer Luiz DeLaja, says that he is still committed to putting on the event this year and that sponsors are being lined up.

Amid heated debates and demands that Cape Town Pride be correctly constituted and transparent on the Cape Town Pride Facebook page, Kessell admitted that the current situation is not idea.

“It is something of an emergency measure to make sure it happens this year. We can then work on getting the event run properly for next year,” he told Mambaonline.

The dates of 24 February to 4 March have been proposed for the event, not leaving much time for planning. Nevertheless, Kessell said: “I’m very confident that we can still put on a good Pride.”

Kessell added that support for his efforts from the community has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.

The Cape Town Pride volunteers meeting will take place on Thursday 19 January at The Locker Room, below Beefcakes, on Main Road, Green Point at 6.30 p.m.

For information about sponsorship of Cape Town Pride, contact Donovan Steyl at Lunch Box Media.

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