Robert Mugabe

Last week, homophobic Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 88th birthday and took the opportunity to again slam gays and lesbians.

He told the British Prime Minister to “go to hell” when it came to same-sex marriage and said that this would not be allowed in the country’s new constitution.

“We won’t accept that. There are other countries who have accepted that and put it in their constitutions,” he said on Saturday at a stadium celebration.

“Please, young men and women, you don’t have the freedom for men to marry men and women to marry women. You have the freedom for men to marry women. That’s God’s freedom. That’s what created you and me.”

He went on to add: “You David Cameron, are you suggesting that you don’t know that or is it some kind of insanity or part of the culture of Europeans? In their newspapers, that’s one of my sins. That I called gays worse than pigs and dogs because pigs know there are males and females.

“It’s even in the Bible that you create through the system of marrying. That’s how we were born, so we reject that outright and say to hell with you. I won’t even call him a dog because my own dog will complain and say, but what have I done?” Mugabe told supporters.

Gay sex – along with members of the same sex holding hands, hugging or kissing – is illegal in Zimbabwe with penalties of up to three years in jail.

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