Ricky Martin (right) and his family

For the first time, singer Ricky Martin has allowed the media to photograph his full family, including his boyfriend and two children.

Martin, along with partner of four years Carlos Gonzalez Abell and their children, twins Matteo and Valentino, appear in the latest issue of the Spanish version of Vanity Fair.

Martin also appears on the cover with his two boys, who were born via a surrogate mother in 2008.

In an accompanying article, The New Life of Ricky Martin the singer says that he’s both father and mother to the children and that he doesn’t like to use the word ‘surrogate’. “I borrowed a womb, not paid for it,” he said.

He also revealed that he felt very close to his children’s mother: “I would give my life to the woman who helped me bring my children into the world.”

In the interview, Martin acknowledges that before coming out he had relationships with women: “I have slept with women and I fell in love with them and I felt wonderful things.”

He was introduced to Abell by mutual friends in 2008 and came out as gay in 2010.

In November last year, the Spanish government granted Martin citizenship, fuelling speculation that he is planning to marry Abella in that country.

Martin told Vanity Fair that if anyone attempts to “touch” Spain’s same-sex marriage laws he would “as a Spanish citizen, rise up and unite with my community”.

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