Daniel Zamudio

Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera has spoken out after a gay man, who was assaulted in a horrific hate crime attack, tragically died on Tuesday night.

Twenty-four-year-old Daniel Zamudio was viciously assaulted in a park in Santiago earlier this month. His attackers not only beat him mercilessly but also stabbed him, cut off part of his ear, burned him with cigarettes and carved Swastikas into his skin.

Hundreds of people held vigil outside Zamudio’s hospital in hope that he would recover but, after hanging on to life for weeks, doctors finally confirmed that he was brain dead on Tuesday.

Following the news, President Pinera, who was on a trip to South Korea, tweeted that the “brutal and cowardly attack of Daniel Zamudio wounds not only his family but all people of good will”.

He added: “His death will not remain unpunished, and reinforces the complete commitment of the government against all arbitrary discrimination and for a more tolerant country.”

Zamudio’s attack has stirred debate across Chile about the need for hate crimes laws.

“We are going to work tirelessly in our congress to pass our anti-discrimination law as quickly as possible,” Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter told reporters after visiting Zamudio’s family at the hospital.

Four men who have been described as neo-Nazis – Raúl Alfonso López Fuentes (25), Alejandro Axel Angulo Tapia (26), Patricio Iván Ahumada Garay (25), and Fabián Alexis Mora Mora (19) – have been arrested for the crime.

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