Two lesbian women in Colorado have been arrested by police for allegedly faking a hate-crime attack.

Aimee Whitchurch (37) and Christel Conklin (29) called the authorities to their home in October last year claiming that someone had spray painted “Kill the Gay” on their garage door.

The next day they reported that someone had left a noose on their front door. The women said that they believed that incident was as a result of problems with neighbours and the local homeowner’s association.

Police, however, have now come to the conclusion that the women faked the attack.

“It was determined the allegations of the incident were false,” said the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

“Detectives were able to determine that the two women involved were responsible for the words that were spray painted on the garage and the placement of the noose on their own front door.”

Last week the couple was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, false reporting and forgery. They were granted bail and were released on Thursday.

The women have denied any wrongdoing.

When asked by 7NEWS why she though police had accused them of faking the attack, Whitchurch replied: “The only thing I can think is they didn’t like this thing public, I don’t know.”

She added: “This is a fight I started. This is a fight I’m going to finish. This is a fight I’m right on. I have every right to live where I want to live.”

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