In an appalling indictment on their moral authority, Uganda’s Christian leaders have apparently urged the government to speed up the adoption of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Following its annual conference, the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC), which represents Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches, issued a statement calling homosexuality “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage”.

According to the Daily Monitor, UJCC called on parliament in a resolution “to speed-up the process of enacting the Anti-Homosexuality law”.

It also warned churches “to remain steadfast in opposing the phenomena of homosexuality, lesbianism and same-sex union”.

Originally tabled in 2009 as a private members’ bill, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which would impose the death penalty on repeat offenders, was re-introduced into parliament earlier this year.

Last month, Ugandan Vice President Edward Ssekandi assured British Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone that the death penalty will be dropped from bill.

Even without the death penalty, the proposed legislation will nevertheless further criminalise homosexuality which is already illegal in Uganda. Anyone who “aids, abets [or] counsels” any gay person and anyone who rents a home or room to a gay person could also be sentenced to seven years in jail.

It remains unclear when it will be voted on and to what extent the bill is being backed by the government.

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