Organisers of London’s World Pride festival, which is currently underway, have denied reports that it is under threat over unpaid bills.

This year, with the city in the international spotlight thanks to the upcoming Olympic Games, London’s annual gay Pride celebrations are doubling up as a World Pride commemoration.

According to the Evening Standard, however, Pride London owes four suppliers more than £65,000 from last year’s event.

The newspaper said that a number of World Pride events, such as a concert in Trafalgar Square and various parties, could be cancelled.

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told the newspaper: “People are coming from the four corners of the globe. Any scaling back of the event would be a PR disaster.”

Organisers of Pride have denied the newspaper reports, insisting in a statement that “Pride London had always, and still possesses, the financial resources to stage a pride that is bigger and better than ever before”.

They added: “There will be no scaling back or other change to the festival. Despite press comment which suggests otherwise, all of the events planned as part of the pride festival are confirmed to go ahead without modification.”

London’s World Pride parade takes place on 7 July, the festival coming to an end the following day.

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