Maurice Mjomba

Maurice Mjomba, a Tanzanian LGBT activist, has been found dead in his home in Dar es Salaam. He is believed to have been strangled.

Mjomba (29) was the assistant secretary and an executive committee member of the Stay Awake Network Activities (SANA), an organisation that raises sexual health awareness among men who have sex with men (MSM).

He also worked as an outreach training coordinator for injecting drug users at the Center for Human Rights Promotion.

SANA confirmed the young man’s death on its Facebook page, stating that Mjomba, a founding member, friend and activist, was “strangled by an unknown person(s)”.

According to Identity Kenya, neighbours noticed a foul smell coming from Mjomba’s house.

When police entered the house they found his body. It is unclear at this point when he was actually killed, but he had apparently been unreachable by phone for over a week.

Police are investigating and have not confirmed the cause of death. An autopsy is being conducted on the body.

Colleagues and friends expressed their shock and sadness at Mjomba’s death, with one man writing on his Facebook page, “OMG! Tanzania iz nat safe anymore dnt knw whr 2go”.

“We will always remember you, may Dear God be with you,” said SANA on Mjomba’s profile.

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