Jamie Kuntz

A university football player in the US has been thrown off his team after he was seen kissed his boyfriend.

Jamie Kuntz, an 18-year-old student at the North Dakota State College of Science was unable to play at a recent game in Pueblo, Colorado due to having suffered a concussion.

Instead, he was tasked with filming the event and sat in the otherwise empty press box with his boyfriend, who lives in the area, and watched his team play.

“We were getting destroyed,” Kuntz told The Stranger blog, “the game was a total blowout. And I guess I got bored and so I kissed my boyfriend and some of my teammates saw us.”

After the game, Kuntz was pulled off the bus home and confronted by the head coach, Chuck Parsons. He initially denied the kiss or being gay. On the way home, however, Kuntz tweeted comments that suggested he was suicidal.

His friend were alarmed and called the police who later determined that Kuntz was not a suicide risk.

The young sportsman then decided to SMS his coach confirming that he is gay and had indeed kissed his boyfriend. He also apologised for lying.

The next day, Kuntz  was called into a meeting with coach Parsons who gave him a letter stating that he was being taken off the team for “conduct that is deemed detrimental to the team” and for “lying to coaches”.

The school has refused to comment on the issue as Kuntz has since left the school.

An additional issue in the story is that Kuntz’s boyfriend is a 65-year-old man. “I definitely pursued him. He’s a great guy. I love him,” Kuntz said, explaining that he has always been attracted to older men.

The footballer is now living with his mother and deciding on his options. “This has thrown everything out the window,” said Kuntz. “I hope I can find another school. That’s what I’m worried about.”

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