LGBTI rights groups have expressed deep concern about three transphobic and homophobic attacks that took place in Europe over the last few days, reports ILGA-Europe.

On the night of Friday 7 September, in Belgrade (Serbia), two men were verbally assaulted. One of the victims was consequently physically attacked, leaving him with severe bodily injuries.

The following night, 8 September, participants in the annual conference of Transgender Europe (TGEU), were verbally and physically assaulted in Dublin (Ireland).

On Monday 10 September, a brutal physical attack on two friends of LGBTI people took place in Podgorica (Montenegro).

LGBTI organisations in Ireland, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as TGEU denounced the acts of violence and called on local authorities to investigate these crimes, prosecute the perpetrators and strengthen domestic efforts to prevent transphobic and homophobic hate-crimes.

ILGA-Europe said that this must include the necessary education and awareness raising of the public, and training for law enforcement personnel.

It also noted that “European Union law still does not recognise homophobic and transphobic biases and does not require EU member States to recognise the specific nature of homophobic and transphobic crimes”.

The organisation called on European institutions, including the Council of Europe, the European Union and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation, to step up their commitment to fight against transphobic and homophobic violence.

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