Renato Seabra and Carlos Castro

It’s been revealed that a Portuguese male model who brutally murdered his older lover in New York placed the man’s testicles on his slit wrists “for protection,” reported the Daily Mail.

Renato Seabra (21) has confessed to murdering Carlos Castro (65) – a high profile journalist and personality in Portugal – in a suite at the InterContinental New York Times Square hotel in January 2011 while they were on a trip to the US.

Seabra allegedly bludgeoned Castro with a computer monitor, stomped on his head, castrated him and gouged out one of his eyes with a corkscrew.

According to defence attorney Rubin Sinins, Seabra had a psychotic break when he cut off Castro’s testicles and slit his own wrists.

“He put one [testicle] on each wrist. He did this for his protection. He could also harness the power,” Sinins told jurors last week. “He wandered the streets of Manhattan, touching people, because he had the power to cure people from AIDS, because he had the power to cure them.”

“The world is a better place,” Seabra told police after he was caught walking around the city following the murder.

According to witness Wanda Pires, an old friend of Castro, the two men appeared to be in a loving relationship a few days before the attack, reported the New York Daily News.

“Every time we eat they were sharing food with each other. It was a very happy, very normal relationship,” she said. Castro was also apparently spending large sums of money on his boyfriend and was trying to help kick-start his modelling career in New York.

Pires explained, however, that just before the incident things appeared to change. Castro told her that Seabra had gone out with a group of girls and later said that they had been fighting all night. “He was getting afraid of Renato. Renato was saying I’m not gay anymore,” said Pires.

Prosecutors claim that Seabra attacked Castro when he discovered that he was planning on ending the trip early and breaking up with him.

The defence, however, argue that Seabra should be freed by reason of insanity. They say that he had a psychotic breakdown and murdered Castro on what he believed was God’s orders to cleanse him of the “virus” of homosexually.

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