American band Scissor Sisters have announced that they will be taking an indefinite break as members pursue solo projects.

The group made the shock announcement at the end of a performance at The Roundhouse in London. “This will be the last time we will play in London for quite some time,” frontman Jake Shears told the audience.

After the show, the band members confirmed to Gigwise that there are no plans for them to return to the studio to record a follow up to their most recent album, Magic Hour.

Guitarist Del Marquis revealed that he is working on a solo project while Ana Matronic has also been working on a comic book project.

Shears, however, told Gigwise: “Don’t you worry – this isn’t the last you’ve heard of us”. He also later took to Twitter to confirm “were not breaking up… It’s a break!!”

Scissor Sisters formed in 2001 – “spawned by the scuzzy, gay nightlife scene of New York” – and are best known for the massive 2006 hit single I Don’t Feel Like Dancin.

The band has often been described a gay band as almost all of its members are openly-gay. Watch the Scissor Sisters video for Let’s Have a Kiki below.

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