Participants in the 2011 Delhi Gay Pride Parade
(Pic: Aditya Bondyopadhyay)

A relationships column in a leading Indian newspaper has touted the benefits of women being married to gay men.

“Strange as it may sound, but it’s the gay guys who are scoring over straight men in some cases when it comes to marriage worthiness,” wrote Shara Ashraf in the Hindustan Times.

She went on to explain that many women would prefer to have an in-depth emotional relationship with a gay man than with an insensitive straight man who would invariably cheat on them with another woman.

“Sick of lecherous, two-timing, aggressive men who tromp over their feeling, some women are opting for a ‘safer option’” marrying gay men, who are believed to be more sensitive and caring,” said Ashraf.

She cited the example of 26-year-old artist Tania Singh who chose to marry a man she knew was gay because, despite the lack of sexual chemistry, he is “ever-so-organised and ultra caring”.

“It doesn’t matter that he is gay. He is the most loving guy I’ve ever met. He never thrusts his choices on me. When you love someone truly, physical needs lose their importance,” Singh is quoted as saying.

Another woman told the columnist that she is more willing to accept her gay husband sleeping with men than if her husband slept with women: “I know he will never go after other woman. It’s better than suffering an abusive relationship with an adulterous straight man.”

While gay sex is legal in India, same-sex relationships are not officially recognised and homosexuality remains largely taboo. Many gay men choose to marry women rather than face discrimination and being ostracised by society and their family.

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