A 32-year-old gay man won the Australian version of Big Brother and then asked his boyfriend on live television to marry him.

On Thursday, accounts manager Benjamin Norris was announced the winner of the reality television show, scoring $250,000 in cash and a new car.

In the midst of the live show, he interrupted host Sonia Kruger and asked if he could “just do something”.

He turned to his boyfriend Ben Williams, got down on one knee and took out a diamond in a box,

Williams seemed at first in shock as Norris said that he taken the jewel into the house as he had always planned to propose to him, regardless of whether he was evicted or won.

“I thought it doesn’t matter if I’m evicted in one week, I just want to be able to say in front of everyone in Australia that I love this person more than anything.”

He explained that, “this was a diamond that my great grandfather bought for my great grandmother and it was worn by my parents on their wedding day so it’s something that is a part of my family.

“Since I’ve met Ben all I have wanted is for him to be a part of my family. And no-one is going to tell us that sitting on the couch together at the end of the day pretending that we’re married that we’re not married,” Norris said.

To the joy of the cheering crowd a jubilant Williams accepted the proposal. The two plan to eventually start a family.

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Australia although same sex couples can register domestic partnerships in some states.

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