A hilarious spoof video promoting gay marriage rights in the US features a group of gay men threatening to marry straight men’s girlfriends.

Created by the New York City-based College Humor website, the actors in the video present an ultimatum to male opponents of same-sex marriage.

“Fine, keep marriage between a man and woman. And in response, we will marry your girlfriends,” warns one gay man in the video.

“You don’t think we could? We’d be the best husbands ever,” says another man.

They go on to cite the many reasons why gay men would make far better husbands than straight men.

College Humor says on its website: “We support gay marriage. Here’s why you should too.”

While same-sex marriage is now legal in nine states in the US, the vast majority of gay and lesbian Americans remains unable to marry. On a national level, the Defense of Marriage Act explicitly bars federal recognition of such marriages.

Watch the Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends video below.

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