Rob James-Collier as Thomas Barrow (left) and in action on the show (right)

Sexy Downton Abbey actor, Rob James-Collier, who plays gay footman Thomas Barrow, has spoken about his kissing scenes with other men on the series.

He joined two of his co-stars in the period drama, Jim Carter and Hugh Bonneville, on The View talk show in the US on Wednesday.

When asked by host Joy Behar what, for him, the difference is between kissing men and women, the former British soap-star replied that it was all about his girlfriend’s reaction. 

“You know, for me, if I kiss a man I know I’m not going to get any stick off the missus at home,” said James-Collier. “Because if you’re kissing a man she’s like ‘ah, okay, he’s kissing a man, he’s not enjoying that’. If it’s a woman, she turns to me and goes ‘you never kiss me like that,’” he explained, tongue in cheek.

Co-host Barbara Walters noted the fact that homosexuality was something that was not discussed in the show’s era.

Bonneville, who plays Robert, Earl of Grantham, commented in response: “I think the homosexuality of Thomas is a subject that’s very deftly and interestingly addressed in this show. Because it wasn’t just a taboo subject, it was illegal in the 1920s.”

Jim Carter, who performs the role of the butler, Mr Carson, in the show, added: “It was illegal until 1965, wasn’t it? Which you forget, don’t you…”

Downton Abbey, which has become a hit in the US, was nominated for two Golden Globe awards on Thursday’ in the categories of Best Television Drama and Best Actress, Television Drama (Michelle Dockery).

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