The three Nigerian men who were brutally assaulted, tied together and paraded naked in public after allegedly being caught having sex have gone into hiding.

According to reports, following their ordeal in the rural community of Ekwe in the southern state of Imo, the men were handed over to the police by a tribal chief.

The authorities, however, are said to have decided to neither prosecute the men under Nigerian anti-homosexually laws nor to prosecute their abusers.

Steve Aborisade, coordinator for the organisation The Nigeria HIV Info, told Gay Star News that he had spoken to a relative of one of the men who confirmed that they were still suffering from multiple bruises.

“They are now in hiding but they are still pretty weak, traumatised, although in receipt of medical treatment,” he said.

He revealed that he would be meeting with the men and their families to see how he could help.

Aborisade added: “It may be that we will need to look into resettling them as the case and pictures have received unprecedented media attention throughout Nigeria. The families of the three men are confused, distressed and taking the news very poorly.”

Current legislation punishes homosexual acts in Nigeria with 14 years’ imprisonment, or death by stoning in northern regions.

Parliament is set to approve new laws that would jail anyone (for between five and 14 years) involved in same-sex marriage ceremonies (including the guests), anyone showing same-sex affection and anyone who does not turn in gay people to the authorities.

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