Mumbai, the most populous city in India

Indian police have arrested 30 people for indecent dancing in a raid on a gay party in the Mumbai suburb of Malad in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to the Times of India, police targeted the party after they received a tip off that drugs were being used at the function.

“However, we did not find drugs during the raid,” an officer admitted to the newspaper. Instead, he said, “The accused were caught dancing indecently during the gay party”.

The officer went on to say: “Six eunuchs were also a part of it. Apart from those who participated in it, the organisers, DJs and stewards were also booked in this case.”

The term eunuch is sometimes used in India to refer to male-to-female transgender people or men who dress as women.

Music was also being played after the allowed time at the party, said police. The suspects were charged with causing an inconvenience to others and for behaving indecently.

The city of Mumbai hosted its sixth Pride parade just over a week ago with almost 2,000 people taking part.

The law criminalising homosexuality in India was struck down by the Delhi High Court in 2009. The ruling, however, has been challenged in the Indian Supreme Court, which is expected to issue its verdict this year.

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