The Ukrainian all-male synthpop dance group Kazaky, made famous by Madonna, have released a sexy new video that appears to slam anti-gay laws in the region.

Kazaky, whose members often play with gender conventions in their performances, have released a number of singles and an album but came to wide international attention by dancing in Madonna’s 2012 Girls Gone Wild video in high heels.

Their latest single Crazy Law was released last week. The video features the group dancing in a prison with their trademark women’s heels while singing about recent laws in the Ukraine and Russia that aim to ban so-called ‘gay propaganda’.

The song’s lyrics include: “Why am I feeling this is a crazy law? You can have many laws, even how you’re born. Why am I feeling this is a crazy law? I’m not trying to show you something wrong.”

Last October, the Ukraine parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill that would make it illegal to talk about homosexuality in public and in the media or to import, distribute or broadcast any video, photos and audio that “encourages homosexuality”.

Those found guilty face up to five years in jail. The legislation must still be voted on for a second time and has not yet been made law.

The European Parliament and human rights groups have slammed similar anti-gay laws in neighbouring Russia that have been adopted in nine regions and are pending in another seven.

The Russian parliament is now also considering a similar federal law that would forbid the public mention or depiction of homosexuality or gender identity to minors.

Conservative groups unsuccessfully sued Madonna for violating the Russian city of St. Petersburg’s ‘gay propaganda’ legislation after she stated her support for gay rights and distributed rainbow flags and pink bracelets at her August 2012 concert.

Anti-gay groups also called for teenagers to be barred from attending concerts in Russia by Lady Gaga, where she spoke out in favour of LGBT rights.

Watch Kazaky’s video for Crazy Law below.

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