Adam Lambert in South Africa

The publisher of a US gay publication has slammed the gay community for its shallowness and for honouring celebrities who have done nothing for gay rights.

Norm Kent, publisher of the South Florida Gay News, wrote in an editorial that he was horrified that staff had placed singer Adam Lambert on the publication’s cover while he was on leave.

Kent said that he and his partner started the newspaper to highlight “local and national newsmakers working towards LGBT equality, fighting for your rights, and standing up for all of us…”

“Neither of us thinks Adam Lambert is such a person,” stated Kent. 

“Good, he can sing. Good, he became a national star on American Idol. As obvious as it was that he was gay, he also remained in the closet during his meteoric rise to stardom while on the TV show. Now that he is open and out, everyone wants to play off his celebrity,” he said.

“He is a rising young gay star whose career is just beginning, and maybe someday he will take his fame and fortune and advance the cause of LGBT equality. But he has not yet done so. Therefore, seeing him on the cover of our newspaper a few weeks ago made my partner and me puke.”

Kent also revealed that the newspaper’s website crashed after it broke the story that Lambert had recently split up with his boyfriend.

“Four years of publishing the Express Gay News, and four years into South Florida Gay News, and the story that takes down our website is Adam Lambert’s breakup with his boyfriend? This is unreal. How shallow have we become?” asked Kent.

He further slammed the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for announcing that it will honour Lambert with its Davidson/Valentini Award on May 11.

The award is presented to an openly LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality for the LGBT community.

“Give me a break,” said Kent, “This award is presented to whoever can fill the seats and make money for GLAAD at its annual fundraising dinner”.

He went to say: “Adam Lambert may be a Grammy nominee, a Billboard 200 artist, and he may sleep with other men, but he has not made a career promoting gay rights. He has made a career promoting himself, his music, and his albums.

“GLAAD is sucking off that publicity and fame to line their own pockets, instead of choosing someone worthy of that award. GLAAD needs to get its priorities straight. Stop awarding celebrities and acknowledge the unheralded champions of justice that fight the good fight for LGBT justice every day. There are many out there.”

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